Flexible — fits over almost every sink!





Occasionally I stumble across a kitchen gadget that’s a marvel!  And my new strainer is one of those magical finds that is a “must” for sharing. It’s an “Over-the-Sink-Strainer” and My New Best Kitchen Friend!

Strolling the gadget aisles of Wal-Mart, I came across this adjustable kitchen strainer that I knew would solve my woes. I was frustrated with always having to pull my “open-and-shut” plastic strainer from the pot pantry every time I used it. I needed something easier to clean, less clumsy, and always available. The stainless-steel beauty staring at me from the lower shelf solved all my problems while grabbing at my heart! (Yeah, I know, it’s the little things that get the heart pumping!)

Do you ever stand in your kitchen and just smile at something you’ve acquired (like the Le Creuset Dutch Oven that smiles back at me from its ever-present perch on the kitchen counter?) Well, my strainer does that too! It’s accessible. It’s many uses never cease to amaze me. It’s easy to clean. And its shiny bowl that blends into the look of my sink and other kitchen appliances, is pretty to look at! (Ok, we all have our definitions of “pretty” and many of mine have to do with what’s in, or coming out of, the kitchen!)

What more could you ask for?



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