I’m in the middle of making peanut butter cookies, which I woke up this morning with a mad taste for, and while the dough is chilling and my aggravation level is high, I need to vent.

I hate baking with measurements in cups and teaspoons. While I’m an American, I much prefer the metric system when weighing ingredients. It’s more accurate, neater and think of all the mess you can avoid using a kitchen scale and a bowl (I wrote about that in a much earlier blog post.) The recipe I used for the cookies called for 1-cup, 2-1/2-cups, 1-teaspoon, ½-teaspoon and 1½-teaspoons of ingredients. Only the eggs were in their native measurement.

That meant 4 measuring devices were used. With the metric system, I could have plopped the mixing bowl onto the scale and with a simple punch of the tare back to zero as I added each new ingredient, I would have been saved the washing and drying of my measurers and I could move merrily along.

Then, with the dry ingredients, the same exercise could have been made so much more simple by just putting the dry-ingredient bowl onto the scale and adding the 2 ½-cups, the teaspoon, the ½-teaspoon and the 11/2- teaspoon of ingredients using grams. No utensils needed. Sheesh…could it have been easier?

If you are lucky enough to find cookbooks or recipes using the metric system, I strongly suggest you invest in a kitchen scale and save yourself the washing up needed with all those cup and teaspoon measurements. It’s a more accurate way to bake (or cook) and the clean-up is a snap.

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  1. I didn’t like metric when I first got to Wales. Now I embrace it for baking!!! Still hate fan ovens! Lol

    Miss you’se guys!!!


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